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Announcement on March 16, 2023

Governor’s Order Exempting Septic Pumper Trucks from the springtime weight restrictions.
MOWA is in the process of permanently exempting septic pump trucks from seasonal weight postings in the legislature this year. You can find the proposed bill in Senate File 843, House File 1207.

To stay in good favor with our cities, townships, and counties as we move forward with our exemption bill, please keep in mind the language proposed in our bill.

Emergency pumping means:

  1. A septic truck’s response to an uncontrolled and unintended seepage of the contents of a septic system into the ground or around a structure or into a body of surface water.
  2. Damage or malfunction to a septic system that requires removal of the contents of the septic system for repair or maintenance; or
  3. A condition that creates an immediate hazard to the health, welfare or safety of a person.

By adhering to the Emergency Pumping rules we maintain a professional relationship with our partners to further our common goals.

Link to Executive Order Document


Important Industry Information:

Chapter 7080 – The rules & regulations governing septic systems in Minnesota and those who design, install, inspect and, maintain and pump systems.

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NOWRA – National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association

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